Welcome to the New JMEPP Online!


Welcome to the new JMEPP Online!

We are excited to introduce you to our new website. In addition to our continued publication of the annual printed journal each spring, we are now launching a website that will provide current analysis of politics and policy in North Africa and the Middle East. Contributors will include both those on the journal staff as well as select outside writers, scholars, and policymakers.

From hopes surrounding US-Iran diplomacy to the recurrent volatility brought by the Arab uprisings of 2011, now more than ever, politics and public policy in the Middle East and North Africa require constant engagement and assessment. For this, an annual publication alone is not sufficient.

Our website is a forum in which to engage the policy and political issues of the region as they evolve in real time. It is also a place for us to expand the conversation into questions of politics, society, history, and even art. Our new website is meant to complement and expand the debate presented in our annual print publication.

We hope you will read, comment, and contribute, because only through debate and engagement will we move toward sound policies capable of overcoming the challenges facing the region. It is an exciting time here at JMEPP and we hope you will join the conversation.


Avery & Colin


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