Podcast: Castro’s Middle East, Oman’s Awkwardness, and Assault on Aleppo

Welcome to Middle East Weekly, JMEPP’s very own weekly news podcast.

This week we’ll be exploring Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s legacy in the Middle East, Oman’s sometimes difficult relations with the Gulf states, and the Assad regime and Russia’s latest assault on Eastern Aleppo.

Middle East Weekly will go behind the week’s headlines on the region, explaining and analyzing the most pressing issues from the week. We hope that Middle East Weekly’s 15-minute podcast, presented by a team of JMEPP editors, will be perfect listening for those interested in learning more about the Middle East but who don’t consider themselves experts.

Look out for Middle East Weekly’s podcast next week, bringing you more insights from across the region. We’ll also be running special feature podcasts speaking in-depth with some of the brightest thinkers on the Middle East on a range of issues affecting the region, from the Atlantic to the Euphrates. Soon you’ll be able to subscribe to a weekly podcast download from iTunes.

This episode is hosted by Joseph Ataman and Sam Bollier, with Hind Alboom and Satgin Hamrah.

We hope you enjoy listening!