2022 Edition


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Letter from the Editor

By Ghazi Ghazi 


Interview with Sima Samar

By Camilla Gray 

Book Reviews

Abdelmajid Hannoum, Living Tangier: Migration, Race, and Illegality in a Moroccan City

By Christina Bouri 

Authoritarian Transformations in a Post Ba’athist Coup Syria: Khaled Khalifa; translated by Leri Price, No Knives in the Kitchens of This City 

By Sumaya Malas 


Classroom and Community Transformation through Education in Post-Conflict Iraq

By Lena Abboud and Zeina Dbouk

Toward a Stable and Inclusive Iraq? Individual and Institutional Religious Freedom Can Help 

By Jeremy Barker

Libya’s post-Gaddafi Generation: Challenges and Opportunities

By Mary Fitzgerald

Narrative Warfare in the New Middle East: Understanding the Libyan Dialectic

By Dr. Nathaniel Greenberg

Islam as a Potential Vehicle for Advancing Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

By Homa Hoodfar & Camilla Gray

Envisioning  a Post-Erdoğan Turkey

By Dr. Paul Kubicek

Jordan’s Constitutional Reforms: More of the Same or an Opportunity for Progress?

By Robert Laxer

Reimagining Peacemaking: Engaging Yemeni Civil Society to Achieve Sustainable Peace

By Arwa Mokdad

Jordan: How Stable?

By Bruce Riedel

Divided Syria: An Examination of Stabilization Efforts and Prospects for State Continuity 

By Dr. Daniel Serwer and Koen van Wijk

Utopias (Un)Remembered: Notes on the Possibilities for Political Re-imagining within the Afro/Arab Visual Arts

By Taurean J. Webb

Arab Success and Normalization

By Dr. Einat Wilf

UAE and Israel under the Super Power Competition

By Dr. Roie Yellinek